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Crediva Reveal

Crediva Reveal

Crediva Reveal is a credit risk management and data analysis tool that uses non-tradeline consumer data. Public records and specialist datasets are used to create a unique credit risk analysis tool, which does not rely on previous credit account history to produce a predictive score.

Traditional credit scoring models that utilise credit account data work very well providing enough credit account information is available. Crediva Reveal is an alternative credit scoring system that produces a fair and consistent score regardless of the quantity of credit accounts already held.

Using a traditional method gives a one dimensional view of credit risk assessment, one that is only based on previous credit performance. A person who has maintained payments for several years could be classed as a good credit risk, but what it fails to demonstrate and highlight, is the same person has just moved home and become unemployed.

Crediva Reveal supplements traditional credit reference agency scoring to provide a more complete consumer profile. Crediva Reveal can assist lenders to assess individual consumers who previously failed to qualify, either because they didn't have a score or an inadequate history of borrowing made them a high risk.

Crediva Reveal provides a second insight into the credit risk of a consumer, turning a previously unknown risk into either a good credit risk or a bad credit risk. Regulatory and economic pressures are driving demand for more granular credit decisions that traditional credit scoring models cannot provide.